Screw you, God

So, at last, the House of Commons has voted to abolish the archaic blasphemy law, with votes of 378 to 57. The fact that it took until 2008 for this to finally happen is rather depressing, but at last we have a step in the right direction. If it is acceptable to deny the presence of a god or gods, then we don’t have far to go before it’s totally reasonable to have no god.

Of course, Britain as a country is much more secular than, for example, the United States, but the fact remains that we do not have a separation of church and state, and we still have a national religion. Repealing blasphemy laws is one small movement towards this separation and the disestablishment of the Church of England.

It may take a while, but one day we will hopefully see a time when religion does not have any privileges or preferential treatments. That will be a good day.

Until them, I’m going to be happy with what’s happened this week, and I’m going to plan a blasphemy party. And you’re all invited.

2 responses to “Screw you, God

  1. It is a good day to celebrate! There is one bad point to make still and that is that there is still 57 idiots in the house of commons.
    Someones comment on the Telegraph website made me laugh.

    “5. Posted by Batsu on May 10, 2008 09:42 AM
    Note to the celebrating artists :
    Blasphemy is still a punishable offence.


  2. Yeah, the idea that 57 people felt that they could justify keeping the law is disturbing, but at least it’s a serious minority.

    Isn’t it great when people totally miss the point? XD

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